Abhyangam (Uzhichil) : Special Kerala type of massage done by two persons using medicated warm oils.

Benefits :
Improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles and joints, provides good sleep, improves the skin texture and shine and nourishes the nerves. Suitable for healthy people also.
Shirodhara : It means poring of a liquid on the forehead in a continuous stream. According to the type of liquid used, Shirodhara can be classified into three.
  1. Thailadhara : Shirodara with medicated oil.
  2. Takradhara : Shirodhara with medicated buttermilk.
  3. Ksheeradhara : Shirodhara with medicated milk.
Indications : According to the liquid used, the effect will be different. Thailadhara is good for various types of nervous disorders like hemiplegia, facial palsy etc. Sleeplessness, stress and anxity and Takradharais useful in scalp skin diseases like Psoriasis. Dandruff etc. and Ksheeradhara is good for making the head cool for Insomnia.
Navarakizhi : The body is massaged with cloth bags filled with cooked Navara rice, frequently warming it in a mixture of decoction and milk.

Indications :
It is a basic treatment for diseases affecting the nervous system. Pain, Rheumatism, Muscle weakness of limbs, Stroke, Sciatica, Spondylosis etc. are the indications.
Rukshaswed (Podikizhi) : A type of massage with cloth bags filled with herbal powder, which will be warmed frequently.

for inflammatory joint problems, Backache, Neck pain, Muscle Spasm, Cervical and Lumber Spondylosis, Degenerative changes and all types of Vata disorders.
Udvarthanam : This is the process of massaging the body with herbal powders in a reverse order. This is from down to up.

Indications :
Removes foul smell from the body. Promotes skin texture and keeps skin healthy. Helps in mobilization of excess fat. Promotes the complexion of the skin. Removes unwanted hair from face and body. Also removes dead skin tissues and cleanses skin. Revitalizes sense of touch.
Pizhichil : Using special pots, pouring warm medicated oil / warm acidic herbal fluid (dhanyamlam) / medicated buttermilk all over the body along with gentle massage by two people.

Indications :
Helpful for many types of multi joint problems and Hemiplegia. Done in cases of Arthritis, Stroke, Rheumatism etc. Thakaradhara is good for various skin diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema etc.
Patra Pottali (Elakizhi) : This is a process of massaging the body with heated cloth bag filled with fried medicinal leaves like Ricinus, Calatropis, Tamarind etc.

Indications :
Stimulates the nerves and helps to reduce pain. This is done in cases of Rheumatism, Arthritis, Paralysis, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Cervical and lumber Spondylosis and Nervous disorders etc.
Shirobasti : Warm oils are kept on the head inside a leather cap.

Indications :
Highly effective in cases of Facial Paralysis, Headaches, Spondylosis, Hemiplegia etc.
Griva / Hrud / Kati / Janu Basti : Dough of Black gram dal is used to make fence in which medicated warm oil is poured. This is performed on various parts of the body.

Indications :

GrivaBasti : Over the neck region. Cervical Spondylosis, Neck and Upper Pain.
Kati Basti : Over Lumber region. Lumber Spondylosis, Slip Disc, Backache.
HrudBasti : Over the heart area. Heart diseases, High Cholesterol.
JanuBasti : Over the knee joints, Osteoarthritis, Pain in Knee Joint.
Thalam / Pichu : Oils or pastes are applied on the middle of the head is known as Thalam. Cotton pieces soaked in warm medicated oils are applied on the affected parts is known as Pichu.


Thalam : Helpful in alleviating Insomnia, High BP, Stress and Vata predominant conditions.
Pichu : Effective pain relieving method for muscles and joints. It can be done on head also for some types of Headaches and Problem of sense organs.
Netratarpanam / Netradhara : Well melted and strained medicated ghee will be collected in a ridge made around the eyes with black gram paste. In Netradhara eye wash with special herbal decoctions.

Indications :
It is helpful in treating various eye disorders and it also generally tones up the eyes. Netradhara useful for eye infections and to refresh the eyes.
Gandush : This experience involves the retention of medicated oil or decoction in the mouth for a few minutes. Gandusa is good for cleansing, detoxifying and aids in mouth, voice, gum and tooth disorders. Gandusa addresses bad breath, whilst improving the flexibility of facial muscles.
Kavala : Requires the retention, movement and gargling of medicated oil or decoction in the mouth for few minutes. This simple and soothing treatment is highly beneficial for disorders of throat and mouth whilst improving the voice.
Dhoompan : To take vapour of medicinal powder via mouth and exhale through mouth also is called as Dhoompan. It is preceded by snehan swedan.

Indications :
Useful in diseases of upper respiratory tract. Also increases metabolism, helping digestion and the removal of toxins from the chest and lungs, heaviness in head and headache
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